August 8, 2021

QuickQ: What is Social Networking? Hacker Summer Camp FOMO

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this episode of Hacker Valley, Chris and Ron tackle a quick question. The question of the day is, “what is social networking?” Together they discuss different aspects of social media and how it facilitates connections and careers.

Ron’s perspective is that social networking empowers folks to find like minded people, learn new things, self advocate and learn about others. Chris shares how social networking on LinkedIn put him in a position to build a community in cybersecurity.


01:53 - The difference between networking and social networking and polishing profiles.

04:00 - How Ron engages with social networking mindfully.

06:30 - How LinkedIn helped Chris and Ron find their community.

08:46 - How social networks can elevate cybersecurity practitioners, researchers and businesses.

10:00 - Threat intelligence, open source intelligence and finding family on social networks

13:00 - Perspectives on the future of social networks and digital interaction.

15:45 - Making the most of social networks


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