July 22, 2021

QuickQ: What is Security Architecture?

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Ron and Chris are the hosts and guests for this episode! This episode answers fundamental questions about Security Architecture. Learning about security architecture is absolutely essential for anyone on the path of becoming a cyber security expert just looking to learn more about a cybersecurity topic.

Security Architecture is the foundation, the fabric and the process used to help secure your data, your privacy, and even your money.

Now for a second, Imagine that you are an architect and your biggest strength is your ability to build banks. And a new client reaches out to you... We'll name this client Ray. And Ray asks you to build his company a new bank with all the bells and whistles. You're going to need to build Ray and his company something spectacular! This bank you build is going to need to serve as an office and boost productivity for the bank staff. The bank is also going to serve as a place where customers can deposit and withdraw money. But most importantly, Ray is going to want you to protect his crown jewel, his money! (Think of all those gold bricks and bars that Ray is going to want to keep under his possession )


Key Takeaways:

0:00 - Welcome back to the Hacker Valley Studio

1:10 - Ron's favorite topic! Security Architecture

1:45 - Security architecture is the foundation 

2:21 - Where a security architecture starts and stops

4:00 - A security architect is playing a game of Tower Defense

6:27 - Using EASY Framework as a security architect

10:04 - Prerequisites for becoming a security architect

13:55 - Differences between security architect and security engineers

16:55 - Resources for learning more about security architecture

19:21 - Stay in touch with Hacker Valley Studio!


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