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A Cyber Criminal‘s Mind with Laurie Pieters-James

Exploring the nexus of cybersecurity defense and humanity with the mind of a hacker.

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November 26, 2021

A Cyber Criminal‘s Mind with Laurie Pieters-James

by Hacker Valley Red

Laurie Pieters-James is an Offender Profiler, Forensic Criminologist, Expert Witness and best-selling author of Shattered Lives: The Story of Advocate Barbie. Chris, Ron and Laurie dive deep into unde...

November 24, 2021

The CMO‘s Perspective w/ Nathan Burke and Julie O‘Brien

by Cyber Ranch

CISOs complain on social media about bad marketing – when they are targeted inappropriately, or with messages that don’t resonate, or with messages that outright lie. This week Allan Alford decides to...

November 23, 2021

Episode 189 - Head in the Cloud with Maurice Grose Jr.

by Hacker Valley Studio

Maurice Grose Jr. is an experienced Security Engineer with a background in military RF exploitation and detection, Unix/Linux administration and threat mitigation, and hardware/software integration en...

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A Cyber Criminal‘s Mind with Laurie Pieters-James

November 26, 2021 Hacker Valley Red