October 6, 2020

Hacker Valley Red Episode 6 - Lisa Jiggetts

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

On this episode of Hacker Valley Studio, hosts Ron and Chris speak with Lisa Jiggetts, founder of Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu. Their conversation covers Lisa’s background, her current work and her involvement as a penetration tester.


Lisa says she’s always been a techie who loved gadgets, breaking things and trying to understand how they fit together. She knew she wanted to work with computers, but wasn’t sure what that meant, exactly. Out of high school she joined the military working in IT, but knew she wanted to be a hacker. Eventually, she made her way to pentesting apps and systems in the cloud. Lisa loves the game aspect of pentesting and the red team. She says she enjoys the challenge of trying to get into the box and “level up,” trying more and more ways in before reaching out for help.


In between jobs a few years ago, Lisa began dreaming of a hands on training group for women like herself. It began as a meet-up group, which grew into the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, (WSC). She wanted hands-on workshops and an opportunity for networking and building a network of mentors and mentees. The first workshops and members were women in IT and even outside of tech, who were looking for a change and challenge in their career. Now the organization is in a state of growth with chapters across the country. To anyone interested, she says WSC gives the opportunity for hands-on training and a network of support.


As the episode ends, Lisa shares her advice to anyone interested in the red team or the world of cyber security in general. Her number one piece of advice is networking, because that’s the way she’s found a lot of her work in the past. She also encourages listeners, regardless of where they’re starting, to get their skills up any way they can. The field is always changing, Lisa says, so the initiative to work and show up is invaluable.


2:12 - The episode and guest are introduced.

3:50 - Lisa gives an overview of her background.

10:00 - Lisa explains her breaker mentality.

15:57 - What made Lisa commit to pentesting and the red team?

20:34 - Lisa discusses the founding of the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu.

29:44 - Lisa’s advice for listeners interested in the red team and cyber security.



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