February 8, 2022

Episode 198 - Scaling Your Efforts with Veronica Kirin

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Ron and Chris sit down with anthropologist, author, entrepreneur and coach, Veronica Kirin, to learn how she distilled her seventy hour work week down to ten. Veronica shares her knowledge on helping small businesses scale, why and which automation tools are a scaling must-have, hiring best practices, and the power of goal mapping. Lastly, Veronica shares her seventy year business plan method which helps folks actualize their long-term vision.  


Key takeaways:

02:53  Bio

04:39  Anthropology and business - bridging the gap 

07:37  What is scaling and how do we do it right?

11:20  Tools to help you scale - Ron’s take

13:55  Veronica’s 3 Pillars of Business Scaling

16:33  Hiring woes

17:18  Hiring best practices - trip wires 

20:38  How are current events changing business?

23:21  Actualizing your legacy 

26:52  Creating goal maps

30:12  Get connected   

31:30  Reach out for help

33:16  Stay in touch with Veronica!


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