January 25, 2022

Episode 196 - Cybersecurity Advocates with Julie Haney

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this episode, Ron and Chris are joined by Julie Haney – a computer scientist and Usable Security Researcher at NIST, to talk about the human within the technologist. The trio sit down and have a powerful discussion on ways in which cybersecurity practitioners can bring their best work to the table, the importance of empathy within the workplace, and how to empower ourselves and the security community at large. 


Key Takeaways:

02:55  Bio

06:46  Why research?

08:55  Bringing your best work to the table

11:28  Surprising research

12:46  What’s your superpower?

16:10  Empathy in practice

19:27  B.E.S.T.O.W.

22:22  Normalizing CS Advocacy

25:07  What’s missing in cybersecurity?

27:12  Being more intentional


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