September 7, 2021

Episode 167 - Fun Versus ”FUD” Security with Ashley Rose

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In today's episode Ron and Chris talk to Living Security's CEO and Co-Founder Ashley Rose, speaking on breaking the mold in the workspace and how allowing your team to have fun with what they do will create a stronger, happier and healthier work environment. Tune in to find out why, and also to get a better understanding of why Living Security is a must-have resource. 


01:10 Listeners are introduced to the topic of today's episode

02:10 We meet Ashley Rose and discover her role in cybersecurity

04:30 Ashley's background before cybersecurity 

08:45 How she incorporated fun into training in the workplace 

16:37 Training based off of an individual's unique learning technique

19:52 How the brain activity reacts when having fun, and why that matters

24:00 Interactive learning styles to keep someone captivated

27:52 Ashley speaks on what inspires her and her team to maintain a fun, healthy and inclusive environment for everyone

32:28 Discussing how to get out of the FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt and to genuinely enjoy what you do. 


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