August 4, 2021

Episode 160 - Creating Valuable Tech Content with Ken Underhill

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

Ken Underhill is an award-winning cyber security executive, entrepreneur, and teacher. His mission is to help others find their value and share it; ultimately leading to success both professionally and personally. Ken’s courses offer an intuitive approach to help start a career in cyber security. Whether you’re a budding cyber security professional or a seasoned veteran, Ken’s perspective can serve a purpose in your life. 

Join Ron, Chris and Ken to dive into what it takes to create content, help others, and thrive in your career!


01:30 Guest Intro

02:14 Bio 

11:30 Ken’s journey in content creation

13:22 Why focusing on giving value first matters

16:15 Ken’s future plan for content

23:50 The path to making an impact

29:40 Connecting with your audience

37:58 Get in touch with Ken 


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