July 28, 2021

Episode 158 - Wild Adventures with Chef Bri Van Scotter

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this episode, Chris, Ron, and their special guest going to be talking about your table. Not the table itself, but what is on it. They are talking about food and following our passions. They've brought in Bri Van Scotter, professional Chef, author, hunter, and host of the TV series Wilderness to Table. Bri is so unbelievably talented in so many areas. Everyone is going to love this episode and learn a little bit about the food we eat. 


Key Moments

00:56 - Intro to Bri

02:41 - Bri’s Background

03:59 - The darker side of food production

04:57 - The hunt begins

06:13 - For the love of food

11:41 - On going deep with your craft

16:10 - Getting more in touch with your food

21:33 -  Eating for Health

22:52 - Honoring our food sources

25:28 - Knowledge is power


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