October 28, 2020

Episode 102 - Tale of Three C's Craig, Corey, and Cyvatar

by Hacker Valley Studio

Show Notes

In this one-of-a-kind episode of the Hacker Valley Studio podcast, hosts Ron and Chris interview two amazing founders who are disrupting the industry and bringing in unique perspectives.  They are Corey White and Craig Goodwin, the founders of Cyvatar, a cybersecurity-as-a-service startup.  The conversation centers on the business itself, Corey and Craig’s journey as founders, and more!

The conversation starts with Craig and Corey sharing a bit about their respective backgrounds.  Craig has been a CISO for about 20 years, having moved into that line of work after spending the previous years working for the government of the UK and in security services.  Corey has been in his current industry for about 25 years, and he details his work with companies such as Foundstone and Cylance that eventually led him to his present work.  Craig and Corey share an entrepreneurial spirit that they’ve each had since childhood, but they have complementary backgrounds that help them to work well together, with Corey approaching the company from an industry perspective, and Craig from a CISO perspective.

Corey and Craig talk with their hosts about Cyvatar.  They share about their first seed round, the gaining of their first customers, and their aim to be cyber avatars for their customers - putting customer needs first and taking a background role to make the customers look good.  Further, Corey and Craig discuss the way they navigate dynamics of team synergy and collaboration when they live on different sides of the world, address their decision to include services with their startup, explain their slogan and the terminology they’ve developed, and finally share lessons they’ve learned from their journey.

0:56 - This is a one-of-a-kind episode!

2:05 - The conversation turns to Corey and Craig’s respective backgrounds.

5:18 - What is the background of the company?

8:45 - The focus shifts to Craig and Corey’s complementary skills.

13:19 - How did Corey and Craig realize they had an entrepreneurial spirit?

17:06 - A team needs synergy and collaboration.

20:40 - Corey and Craig decided to include services with their startup.

24:57 - The two founders introduced new technology.

27:21 - Corey and Craig are asked about lessons they’ve learned.


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