April 6, 2022

Why CISOs and CIOs Don’t Get Along w/ Nick Vigier

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

This episode of the Cyber Ranch Podcast was recorded LIVE on stage at the CISO 360 Conference in New York City, hosted by Pulse Conferences. Nick Vigier, a seasoned CISO and former CIO, joins Allan in addressing the elephant in the room: Why don’t CISOs and CIOs don’t get along?

Nick draws on his experience in both positions to share his unique perspective on the CISO and CIO relationship. In this episode, Allan and Nick highlight the operating differences between the two positions and explore the opposing interests that exist around topics such as budgets and reporting structure. Lastly, Nick shares why engaging in empathetic conversations around metrics, business impact, and risk management is the ultimate key to a more harmonious relationship.


Guest Bio:

Nick is a technology and security leader focused on innovation to drive business results. In his 18 years of security leadership, he has focused on building high performance teams to ensure security is a business driver rather than a cost center. His focus on all areas of security ranging from physical security to risk management through to application security, infrastructure security, and operations gives him a unique perspective on how security can positively impact an organization. 



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