May 4, 2022

Total Greenfield Innovation w/ Guillaume Ross

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

What would you do if you could build your security program from scratch? 

In this episode, Allan is joined by the Head of Security at Fleet, Guillaume Ross, to talk about his time building out an innovative and out-of-the-box security program and the steps he took to make it all happen. Guillaume walks us through how he developed and maintained a serverless, container based environment, his tips for securing PCs and Macs within a serverless environment, and how to establish department and business buy-in and overall cooperation. Lastly, he details steps to ensure resilience in an ‘everything as code’ security model. 

Some of what he builds might seem obvious – other parts will genuinely surprise you! 


Guest Bio:

Guillaume Ross is the Head of Security at Fleet Device Management. He likes securing organizations, clouds, products and more, by refusing to implement the same things that have been tried and failed thousands of times already.



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