October 26, 2022

Tired Topics in Cybersecurity - Part Two with Michael Santarcangelo and Rich Mason

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

Once again, Allan, Rich and Michael dissect topics in our community that are, well, tired.  Topics that are brought up to spur online debate, but for which a conclusion is never reached.  Topics that bifurcate our community without moving our industry forward.  Topics that cause us to overly rotate on the wrong areas.

In this show we address:

Defining terms: zero trust, ML, AI, hacker vs. cracker, cybersecurity vs information security

How to pronounce "CISO"

Work from home vs come to office

Do we deserve a seat at the table or is it earned?

Hopefully these three are stepping beyond the tired answers to these topics and are raising the bar on how we should approach the information security profession.  You be the judge...