April 13, 2022

Thriving In A Male Dominated Industry w/ Ashley Rose

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

Allan is joined by the founder and CEO of Living Security, Ashley Rose, to speak about her experiences as a female entrepreneur and leader in a male dominated industry. She details the story behind her non-traditional route into cybersecurity and how she leverages her unique skills and vision to disrupt and transform the community. Ashley shares how she overcomes bias and business challenges in the field as well as the inspiration behind her creative marketing strategies. Lastly, the two highlight the lack of diversity and representation in the space and give advice to young entrepreneurs and females in, and breaking into, cybersecurity. 


Guest Bio:

As the CEO of Living Security, Ashley has been the driving force behind the company’s rapid growth. Since its founding in 2017, Living Security has raised more than $20 million for growth and product development and accelerated revenue growth for three consecutive years. Ashley is also continually working to build a diverse and inclusive organization around the belief that the team should reflect the community at large.



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