December 8, 2021

The vCISO Life w/ Dan Doggendorf

by Cyber Ranch

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The vCISO Life w/ Dan Doggendorf

December 8, 2021 Cyber Ranch


Show Notes

Welcome to another live show of the Cyber Ranch! Allan is joined by Dan Doggendorf, a creative cybersecurity leader with a passion for simplicity, efficiency, accountability, common sense, and honesty. The duo discusses the ins and outs of being a VCISO, how one walks the path and what the industry can do to make this role better. This show was conducted at the Cybersecurity Conference 9 (CSC 9) conducted by the North Texas Chapter of ISSA. All proceeds from the event went directly to scholarships for the Collin College cybersecurity program.


Key Takeaways:


01:47 - Bio

02:33 - vCISO life

04:18 - The path to an independent contractor

07:46 - Should you specialize?

10:46 - Strategizing experience in cyber security

14:26 - Challenges of being a CISO & vCISO

19:04 - Staying connected as a vCISO

23:17 - Victories as a vCISO                       

27:06 - The bad times and mistakes made as a vCISO

29:52 - What should change for vCISOs?

30:51 - Advice for future vCISOs

34:09 - What surprises Dan in cyber security?



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