November 24, 2021

The CMO‘s Perspective w/ Nathan Burke and Julie O‘Brien

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

CISOs complain on social media about bad marketing – when they are targeted inappropriately, or with messages that don’t resonate, or with messages that outright lie. This week Allan Alford decides to hear from the other side, and invites his two favorite CMOs to the show. Julie O’Brien, CMO at AttackIQ, and Nathan Burke, CMO at Axonious, sit down with Allan to send a message to cyber security professionals about the vital role marketing plays in the industry, what is good marketing and bad marking, and how marketing affects all of our careers more than we know. Hear different perspective on topics like buzzwords, cold calls, and the difference between good and bad marketing practices. Backed up with proven experience, this episode is packed with useful info for all cyber practitioners and aspiring practitioners.


 Key Takeaways:

02:00 Julie Bio

03:13 Nathan Bio        

04:00 Standing out as a marketer

10:15 Emphasizing what you don’t do as a company, rather than what you do

15:56 A message to CISO’s - Julie

23:00 Nathan’s message to CISO’s

25:55 Allan touches on why innovation occurs on the vendor side

27:45 Buzzwords

33:50 What surprises Nathan and Julie in cyber security?


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