February 22, 2021

Storytelling in InfoSec w/ Chris Cochran & Ron Eddings of Hacker Valley

by Cyber Ranch

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Show Notes

On this episode of The Cyber Ranch Podcast, host Allan Alford is joined by Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran from Hacker Valley Studio. The episode begins with Ron and Chris sharing how they came to cyber security and the roles they’ve held in the space. While they came up in the cyber security space through different channels, they now work together at Marqeta, Ron as a Security Architect Leader and Chris as the Director of Security Engineering. Additionally, together they host the Hacker Valley Podcast. Allan is curious how the podcast affects their day jobs and their day jobs influence the podcast. Ron and Chris explain that it has given them wider contacts with people in the security industry and the opportunity to speak with them about their interests and expertise. Allan asks Ron and Chris how they stay passionate about their work. Chris says both he and Ron believe in getting better everyday, even if it’s in small increments. Reading books, taking classes, speaking to mentors are all ways that he improves himself and makes sure he stays sharp. Ron shares that he is a collector, and it has led him to collecting experiences. Through these experiences, he is also able to continue getting better and improving himself. They both share that through the podcast and their jobs, they need to continue learning and working. They’ve taken voice coaching and storytelling lessons to keep on the cutting edge of podcasting. Everyone has a story and the ability to share your own and help others share theirs is essential not only to impeccable podcasting but also being an empathetic and engaged human. In threat intelligence and user awareness training along with other technical skills storytelling is integral to meeting people where they’re at. As the episode ends, Allan asks Ron and Chris about the future for them and their podcast. Key Ideas: :22 - Chris and Ron are introduced. 4:46 - How the podcast influences their day jobs and vice versa. 12:08 - Allan asks Chris and Ron about infusing passion in their work. 16:39 - The importance of storytelling in podcasting. 24:00 - What does the future look for Ron, Chris, and the podcast? Links: Follow Allan Alford on LinkedIn and Twitter Learn more about Hacker Valley Studio and The Cyber Ranch Podcast Follow Chris Cochran on LinkedIn and Twitter Follow Ron Eddings on LinkedIn and Twitter Support Hacker Valley Studio on Patreon. Sponsored by our good friends at Axonius
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