November 2, 2022

Should the CISO...? with Andy Bennett

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

In this week's show, Allan and his guest Andy Bennett (a very clever CISO with a heck of a pedigree) decide to tackle some thought exercises with a series of questions that all start with "Should the CISO...?"

  • Should the CISO be the one to decide whether to report breaches?
  • Should the CISO own the SOC?
  • Should the CISO report to the CIO?
  • Should the CISO have an MBA?
  • Should the CISO be mentoring individual contributors in their team?
  • Should the CISO be sharing the political realities of “upstairs”?
  • Should the CISO own Identity?

Enjoy this fantastic conversation that goes to a lot of surprising places!