April 27, 2022

Securing Cryptocurrency and NFTs w/ Nick Percoco

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

What are the security implications of cryptocurrency and NFTs and what do we need to know in order to transact safely? In this episode, Allan is joined by the Chief Security Officer at Kraken, Nick Percoco, to talk about securing the cryptocurrency and NFT spaces. Allan and Nick reflect on the events of the Mt. Gox bitcoin breach of 2013, address some of the most common misconceptions about crypto assets, and explore the biggest security challenges users and retail investors face when navigating the space. Lastly, Nick considers what cybersecurity lessons can be drawn from the security practices within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Guest Bio:

Nicholas Percoco has more than 25 years of security & technology experience, and is the Chief Security Officer at Kraken - a global digital asset exchange - where he is responsible for Security, IT, Technical Project Management, Operational Resiliency and Engineering.



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