October 27, 2021

Practical Trust-Centric Security w/ Omar Khawaja

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

Omar Khawaja is an experienced CISO with a strong technical background, who managed to find some very creative ways to manage his security program that go against his engineering instincts. Join Allan and Omar as they discuss why trust-based security is the more suitable option to have a fundamentally better security program and team.  Hear why Omar and Allan believe that investing in people will pay far more dividends than the latest tech tool.  And more importantly, gain some very practical and concrete tips for managing and measuring your security program.


Key Takeaways:

01:19                     Bio

03:26                     What is wrong with tech-centric security?

06:00                     Using tech tools as nothing more, and using them appropriately

12:22                     Trust, then risk, then control

14:30                     Customer first, always

19:02                     Helping foster a trust-centric culture

28:40                     Culture = mindset = best measurable quality

29:33                     What surprises Omar in cyber security?

32:50                     The “change agent network”



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