December 15, 2021

Organizational Resilience w/ Marnie Wilking

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

In this episode, Allan is joined by Marnie Wilking, CISO at Wayfair. Marnie has directed Information Security and multi-discipline Risk Management Programs for more than 15 years --  providing a unique set of skills and experience to manage operational risks and improve risk management among diverse businesses. Join Allan and Marnie as they define organizational resilience, discuss its goals and enablers, and analyze the COVID pandemic through its lens.


Key Takeaways:

01:26  Bio

03:42  Organizational resilience

06:40  COVID benefits; business enabling?

09:47  Building hybrid work environments

11:11  Virtual offices and home fatigue

17:14  Bullets dodged in organizational resilience

20:51  Tabletop exercises

27:16  Office conflicts and mailing troubles

30:38  Communication in resilience

32:29  What surprises Marnie in cyber security?



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