October 12, 2022

One Tool to Rule Them All with Derly Gutierrez

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

CISOs and other security executives have relied on spreadsheets to perform a great deal of the management functions of their programs. What if there was a better way?  Derly Gutierrez is back on the ranch for a third time now to discuss his alternative - the humble ticketing system.  It might seem obvious in some cases, but Derly has pushed the use cases far beyond what you might imagine.  Topics Derly and Allan cover include:

  • Risk Management Lifecycle
  • Vendor Management Lifecycle
  • Personnel Onboarding/Offboarding (Joiners, Movers, Leavers)
  • Data Governance Lifecycle
  • SOC2 Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • UI Considerations
  • Organizational Familiarity with the Tool
  • Automation &  Integration

In this short but sweet episode, a lot of very practical tips are addressed.  Y'all be good now!

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