March 30, 2022

Learned Helplessness in Cybersecurity w/ Steve Mancini

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

This topic couldn’t be more relevant given recent events in the security community. Allan Alford is joined by Steve Mancini, CISO at Eclypsium, to have a refreshing conversation about the negative messaging, thinking, and tropes in cybersecurity - not just the stuff that the press says about us, or even the stuff we say about each other - but the self-defeating stuff we think and say to ourselves.

Steve addresses the reinforcement of negative catchphrases and how it affects the psyche of the community and explores how burnout is creating a culture of sleepless nights and masochistic badges of honor. Lastly, they emphasize the importance of empathy and support within the community and remind us that humans are our greatest asset, not our weakest links.

Guest Bio:

Steve Mancini is the CISO at Eclypsium, former Deputy CISO at Cylance, and an advisory board member for several cyber companies.


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