October 7, 2021

Is the SOC Dead? w/ Erik Bloch

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

Allan's guest this week is Erik Bloch. Erik Bloch is a cyber security leader, influencer, and pioneer. He currently sits as Senior Director of Detection and Response at Sprinklr, but has held many rolls in cybersecurity, including being a product manager for SIEM products more than once. This last point is relevant, because it makes it even more surprising that Erik is convinced that the SOC's utility has passed... Join Allan and Erik as they dive deep into why he thinks SOC is failing, the alternatives, what it takes to make an impactful change in incident response, and who to aim it towards. This conversation began when Allan read Erik's article on LinkedIn, “RIP SOC. Hello D-IR". Key Takeaways: 01:16 Bio 02:18 Erik’s article: why is SOC failing? 05:01 What is the alternative? 07:29 Implementing fundamentals where it counts 10:15 Cloud Integration 17:45 Cloud agnostic tooling solution 23:27 The inevitability of a one-stop solution 27:20 Targeting the right audience 28:17 What surprises Erik in cyber security? 30:24 Letting go is not easy Links: Learn more about Erik on LinkedIn, and Twitter, and read his LinkedIn article Follow Allan Alford on LinkedIn and Twitter Purchase a Cyber Ranch Podcast T-Shirt at the Hacker Valley Store Learn more about Hacker Valley Studio and The Cyber Ranch Podcast Sponsored by our good friends at Uptycs