May 18, 2022

Getting a Seat at “The Table” w/ Brent Deterding

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

“Having a seat at the table doesn’t mean getting your way all the time. It means having a seat and I think that is very important to understand.” - Brent Deterding 

In this episode, Allan is joined by the CISO at Afni, Brent Deterding, to explore how CISOs can earn and keep their seat at the executive table. Brent was a fan of the Learned Helplessness episode of The Cyber Ranch Podcast with Steve Mancini, and furthered the conversation as it relates to the often espoused topic of CISOs needing a seat at “the table.” Brent discusses the power of shifting your mindset, how lack of confidence has created a cycle of self sabotaging, and ways we can collectively improve our current standing.


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Guest Bio:

Brent is an Executive CISO whose mission is to enable Afni and its global workforce to support their customers securely and confidently. Prior to being a CISO, for over 20 years, he was a security practitioner with a security vendor specializing in threat detection, incident response, and security strategy. His efforts helped hundreds of organizations detect, respond to, and mitigate attacks.


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