September 7, 2022

Fighting the Increase in Cyber Attacks with Leon Ravenna

by Cyber Ranch

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Show Notes

Leon Ravenna, CISO & CIO at KAR Global, former VP of Security & Compliance at Interactive Intelligence joins Allan this week to talk about the increases in cybersecurity threats and risks - increases in breadth and depth of various attacks and increases in our own problems in dealing with those attacks. It has implications for all of us, as we have not necessarily seen an increase in the right defensive capabilities to maintain parity. COVID and work-from-home have not helped either...

Questions covered this show:

1. You mentioned firewall attacks, social engineering, HR/interview/job fraud.  Of course there is ransomware.  What else is on the rise?

2. How much has COVID and work-from-home impacted the landscape?

3. What are the vendors doing wrong about this landscape?

4. What are they doing right?

5. So what are the real solutions to these problems? Let’s break it down, starting with ransomware, my personal favorite.

   -Firewall attacks

   -HR/Interview/Job Fraud


   -Insider Threat (another one possibly impacted by work-from-home and COVID)

   -Credential Stuffing

   -Zero Day Exploits

   -1,000 Day Exploits

6. If everything is on the rise, and if spending in cybersecurity is steadily on the rise (it is a rapidly growing industry), then why aren’t we solving the problems?

7. If you could change any one thing in cybersecurity, what would that thing be?



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