November 3, 2021

A Day in the Life of Two CISOs w/ Mustapha Kebbeh

by Cyber Ranch

Show Notes

Mustapha Kebbeh, CISO at Brinks and heavy-hitter in the Dallas/Fort Worth Cyber community, joins Allan again this week as they cover a topic Mustapha noted was absent so far in the series…  Namely, “What is a day in the life of a CISO?” Mustapha and Allan get into details of what they do and don’t do, what their teams do and don’t do, what bits are boring, what bits are surprising, and what bits are the most fun. Join them as they talk about real situations and practical solutions while describing the very best and worst parts of the job.

Key Takeaways:

01:41                     Bio

03:00                     A day in the life of a CISO - examples from the last 3 weeks

07:30                     Being a CISO in a company that knows its risk appetite

11:49                     Product Security

13:53                     The most surprising part about being a CISO

15:33                     The most boring part

22:30                     The most fun part

26:08                     What do you wish you could do as a CISO?

29:42                     Mustapha shares what surprises him the most in cyber security



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