August 17, 2022

Overcoming Startup Go-To-Market Hurdles with CMO & Advisory Board Member Carol Meyers

by Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Show Notes

Carol Meyers is an Independent Board Director, Advisor, and Investor. She has held CMO positions at companies like Rapid7 and LogMeIn, along with numerous consulting and advisory positions at cyber startups. Carol develops go-to-market plans that drive growth and strategy in businesses. In this episode, she shares her wisdom for building a successful go-to-market strategy…and career, covering inbound marketing, target audience development, start-up hiring, and career self-confidence.  


Timecoded Guide: 

[01:59] Struggles faced and advice for young women starting out in tech

[03:28] Carol’s components of a go-to marketing plan

[12:10] Who to pick for your team at a start-up

[19:41] Ways to measure success

[28:41] How advisory boards can be your cheerleaders


What are the ingredients of a go-to marketing plan?

Carol says to have a solid plan, you have to have the resources and information prepared to best support your channels. If you are unable to tell your channels who you are and what you’re selling, then your business isn’t ready. It’s all about knowing your buyer; who they are and how you can solve their problem. It's also important to consider why they should choose you to solve it. Once you have a clear plan and ways to measure and test it, you will be better suited for taking the first step.

“It's not that someone has to spend money to buy your solution, but they have to invest their personal time to evaluate your solution and to think about the problem that you're solving for them.”


What are the most important metrics to keep an eye on? 

The most important metric is also the most obvious; that customers are buying and using your products and services. You might see your audience in varying stages that may not match the one you’re in. Be sure to look at all the stages of conversion. Some that are not on the traditional pipeline might get overlooked when they play a big part in lead generation. Carol reminds us to keep a sharp eye on micro-conversions; while they may not be counted in the pipeline, they can still play a huge factor in a sale or lead.

“Your number one goal in marketing is you've got to be a part of revenue, you've got to be driving revenue.”


What is the role of an advisory board? 

Carol explains that the role of an advisory board can look different from company to company. In her experience, a set of challenges are brought to the board, and then they present possible solutions and advice for that problem. There is also a one-on-one side to being an advisor, which is one of her favorite aspects. Talking through roadblocks and bouncing ideas creates a valuable and intimate relationship between advisors and company leaders.

“Having a group of advisers around you and people who can even just be a cheerleader for you can be really helpful.”



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