March 2, 2022

Maria & Gianna on Sales Alignment

by Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Show Notes

In this episode, Maria takes a turn in the hot seat to talk about her favorite subject: improving sales and marketing alignment. Gianna and Maria explore what a healthy sales and marketing relationship looks like, how a combination of communication and incentives can help educate your sales team on the MQL process, and their tips for rolling out an account based marketing strategy. Lastly, Maria takes a moment to gab about her love of food. 


Key Takeaways

00:42  Maria’s bio

01:19  Why Maria loves sales alignment 

02:24  The “ideal” sales person

04:15  Goals and KPI alignment

06:31  Mindset and tactical tips 

09:25  Being patient and flexible

12:17  Communication, documentation and incentives 

18:14  Do BDRs belong in marketing or sales?

23:22  ABM steps and strategy

27:49  Asking the right questions

30:30  Dishing out marketing tips & good food



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