August 10, 2022

Influence as Currency in Modern Marketing: Channel Partnerships ft David Brown

by Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Show Notes

David Brown is the Director of Global Partner Marketing for ZeroFox, a computer and network security company based out of Baltimore, MD. David has over fifteen years of experience in the international B2B marketing field. He joins us as we discuss partnership channel marketing. David believes it's a positive direction for businesses to go in the future of marketing.

Timecoded Guide: 

In this podcast, David covers: 

  • [1:06] The breakdown and variables of channel partner marketing
  • [13:36] Where your program partners are and what they need from you
  • [21:24] Tactics to enlist new partners for small companies
  • [35:19] How David’s early career prepared him for cybersecurity marketing


What is channel partner marketing?

This fresh approach to marketing allows for a broader market and network, while also increasing revenue for the companies involved. When partnering with another company through channel partnership, both remain independent. They share the benefits of re-selling and distributing each other’s products. Not only that, the partners act as influencers for each other’s brands.


“Really, what we're looking at with partner marketing is working with another organization in order to amplify your sales and marketing capabilities.”


Why is channel partnership the future of marketing? 

David thinks everyone can benefit from a channel marketing partnership, especially when it comes to inbound marketing. This may be his hot-take in the industry, but he has seen the growth and advantage of inviting other companies to endorse your products. With these channels comes influence, and David believes that influence is the new currency of business.


“And when the channel team in the partnership team is more integrated into sales, marketing, and product, it seems to be a lot more successful.”


How does this fit into sales?

Your channels are out there building brand awareness, relationships, and networking. As they drive engagement up, leads will follow suit. It also gives the sales team more resources to get the job done. By creating a partnership program that works alongside your sales team, hitting target goals becomes much easier.


“My job, and people that I work with on the marketing team, is to take our limited resources and direct them at those partners that are starting to build that momentum and go out there.” 



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