February 14, 2022

How To Kickoff Research Programs with Joanna Jones

by Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Show Notes

In this episode of Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing, Gianna and Maria are joined by CEO and founder of InterQ Research, Joanna Jones. Joanna does a deep dive into the qualitative market research process, why focused market research can take product and services marketing to the next level, and how to leverage your product team to help drive company support buy-in. Lastly, Joanna gives a crash course on focus groups and what you need to get started. 


Key takeaways:

00.34  Bio

03:13  The qualitative research process

05:19  Participant sourcing and engagement

08:00  Will there be food?! - Gianna has to know!

08:48  Remote focus groups 

10:03  Qualitative Vs. Quantitative research

12:20  Company support buy-in

15:54  Is there an ideal time?

18:23  Focused driven research

21:15  Focus groups 101

25:21  Stay in touch with Joanna!

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