March 9, 2022

Getting Your Brand Noticed with Samuel Tyler

by Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Show Notes

How do you make your brand stand out in a sea of cybersecurity marketing? Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh idea, a killer pitch, and a wee-bit of luck. In this episode, Samuel Tyler shares the story behind Bugcrowd’s famous out-of-home RSA campaign and his advice on how to make your brand stand out in the crowd.


Guest Bio:

Samuel Tyler is the Senior Manager of Corporate Marketing at Bugcrowd. Samuel is a B2B marketer working at the intersection of cybersecurity and data. He has an interdisciplinary background in growth-stage product marketing and brand management, plus a wealth of hands-on skills in creative direction. As a professional by day, and scholar by night, he passionately integrates discipline, intuition, and experience to deliver work that's both effective and evocative.



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