April 27, 2022

Creating Influencer Marketing Programs with Doron Youngerwood

by Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Show Notes

As cybersecurity marketers, we are always in search of ways to get our content in front of the community and stand out from the noise. This, at times, seems like an impossible endeavor – but what if we told you your CISO network could be your missing link?

In this episode, Gianna and Maria are joined by the Vice President of Marketing at Continuity, Doron Youngerwood, to share his experience in establishing successful influencer marketing strategies. Doron dives into the key elements when building an influencer program, how he leverages his network of CISOs to build trust within the cybersecurity community, and the positive impacts the program has delivered both in business and the cyber community at large.


Guest Bio:

With a successful track record in B2B tech marketing, Doron has driven significant growth for both early-stage startups and well-established enterprises for 17 years.



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