February 14, 2022

Building Trust, Culture, and Communities with Tyler Shields

by Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Show Notes

In the first episode of Breaking Through In Cybersecurity Marketing, Gianna and Maria are joined by JupiterOne’s self proclaimed “accidental CMO,” Tyler Shields. Tyler shares his three step approach for building out marketing programs at startups, how to establish company culture remotely, setting realistic expectations with internal stakeholders when building community at companies, and why your company is in need of a “talking head.” Lastly, Tyler spills the beans on the true mastermind behind his Yeti swag and the current marketing models and platforms he’s engaging in.  


Key takeaways:

00:40  Bio

02:10  Tyler’s 3 step approach for startup marketing

06:39  Remote working - communication is key!

09:54  Trust building and authentic leadership 

11:06  Establishing company culture remotely

13:43  Accountability and teamwork 

15:35  What’s in store for JupiterOne in 2022?!

18:18  Building community - foundation first  

22:54  Setting realistic expectations 

24:28  Spokespeople and “talking heads”

27:03  Favorite swag and the true Yeti mastermind

31:35  Product-led growth and establishing value

34:10  Social media, podcasting, and modern marketing models

35:41  Platforms - Youtube, Shopify, Slack, and the whole gambit!

39:01  Stay in touch with Tyler


See photos of Tyler’s favorite swag, a list of the tools mentioned on this episode, and get the episode transcript here 


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