March 30, 2022

Building the SOAR Category: The Siemplify Story with Nimmy Reichenberg

by Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Show Notes

In this episode, Nimmy Reichenbery joins Maria and Gianna to discuss the highs and lows of building a marketing program from the ground up at Siemplify. Nimmy explores the building blocks of successful marketing teams, his first few essential hires, and why branding is a crucial element in the early stages. Lastly, Nimmy shares his biggest wins and takeaways from his journey at Siemplify.

See the famous SOCStock conference here. Fingers crossed for future SOCStocks! 

Guest Bio:

Nimmy Reichenberg is a four-time CMO and cybersecurity industry veteran with 20+ years of experience growing B2B technology companies. He is passionate about building, leading and mentoring world-class marketing teams and working with companies to solve their security challenges. He currently heads security operations marketing at Google following the acquisition of Siemplify, where he served as CMO.


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