Hacker Valley Blue Episode 1

Hosts Ron and Chris welcome you to today’s episode! This episode of Hacker Valley Studio is the start of a new season, Hacker Valley Blue, a series dedicated to threat intelligence, exclusively for listeners.

The episode begins with Ron and Chris sharing their backgrounds in threat intelligence and cybersecurity. Chris picked intelligence as his job field in the United States Marine Corps, and eventually went on to The National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command. He focused on the how, who, and what of all the cyber-attacks happening at the time. Chris then went on to create his own company, and do consulting work in threat intelligence for over a decade.

Ron has always had an interest in cybersecurity, and at 16 he found a mentor who took him under his wing in the trade. After a couple of years working in offensive attacks, he transitioned to a job building intelligence tools that dealt with threat data. While Chris focused more on the operational side of threat intelligence, Ron’s was more technical, and their experience converged well.

Throughout the rest of the episode, you will hear about what threat intelligence can do for businesses. Ron and Chris discuss how analysts can build rapport with the employees and stakeholders using their intelligence, and what questions companies should ask of analysts for the best results. They do this by walking listeners through Chris’ EASY framework.

1:07 - The new season of Hacker Valley Blue is introduced.

3:43 - Chris shares his background in intelligence.

6:15 - Ron shares his background in intelligence

11:43 - What can threat intelligence do for an organization?

17:50 - The EASY Framework

18:41 - Elicit Requirements

21:40 - Asses Collection Plan

26:03 - Strive for Impact

30:24 - Yield the Feedback


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