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Special Featured Episode! Purple Teams & Threat Informed Defenses with Ben Opel

Ben Opel, Senior Director of Professional Services at Attack IQ and former Marine, jo...


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Recruiting and How to Find the Perfect Match with Mimi Gross

Mimi Gross, Founder and Cybersecurity Matchmaker at People By Mimi, connects early st...


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Recruiting Talent for Cybersecurity’s Next Open Position with Renee Small

Renee Small, Cybersecurity Super Recruiter, content creator, and host of the Breaking...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/keeping-it-open-source-with-metasploit-s-hd-moore/

Keeping It Open Source with Metasploit’s HD Moore

This season of Hacker Valley Red wraps up with another interview of an incredible off...


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Hacking the TikTok Algorithm with Caitlin, AKA Cybersecurity Girl

Caitlin Sarian, known on TikTok as Cybersecurity Girl, comes to Hacker Valley to talk...


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From Black Hat to Bug Bounties [Pt. 2] with Thomas DeVoss

We’re joined again by the hacker’s hacker, Tommy DeVoss, aka dawgyg. Bug bounty hunte...


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Reconnecting to Childhood Creativity with Mari Reisberg

Mari Reisberg, therapist, performer, creativity coach, and host of the Sustaining Cre...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/from-black-hat-to-bug-bounties-pt-1-with-tommy-devoss/

From Black Hat to Bug Bounties [Pt. 1] with Tommy DeVoss

We’re joined by million-dollar hacker and bug bounty hunter, Thomas DeVoss, this week...


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The Fabulous Search for a Tech Job with Kyle Elliot

Kyle Elliott, the Founder and Career Coach behind CaffeinatedKyle.com, joins the pod ...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/unlocking-cyber-education-with-john-hammond/

Unlocking Cyber Education with John Hammond

John Hammond, Senior Security Researcher at Huntress Labs and self-described cybersec...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/a-solopreneur-s-first-imperfect-step-with-claire-gallagher/

A Solopreneur’s First Imperfect Step with Claire Gallagher

Claire Gallagher, Designer and Solopreneur Strategist, comes to Hacker Valley to brea...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/purposeful-communication-through-plextrac-with-dan-decloss/

Purposeful Communication Through PlexTrac with Dan DeCloss

We’re joined by sponsor and guest Dan DeCloss, CEO and Founder of PlexTrac, on the po...