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Cover Your SaaS: Navigating OAuth and SaaS Security Challenges

SaaS misconfigurations may be responsible for up to 63% of security incidents. Do you...


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Standing Out On LinkedIn as a Cybersecurity Professional with Chris Hughes

In this episode, host Ron Eddings speaks with Chris Hughes, President at Aquia, Cyber...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/adversarial-ai-navigating-the-cybersecurity-landscape/

Adversarial AI: Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape

In this episode, host Ron Eddings is joined by Sr. Director of Red Team Operations at...


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Protecting What You Can’t See with HD Moore

In this episode, host Ron Eddings is joined by Metasploit creator, co-founder and CEO...


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Penetration Testing, Public Speaking, and Content Creation with Phillip Wylie

In this episode, Ron Eddings is joined by Penetration Tester, Instructor, Internation...


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Ruse and Deception: From Hollywood to Corporate Espionage with Robert Kerbeck

In this episode, Host Ron Eddings interviews Robert Kerbeck, author of Ruse: Lying th...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/hacker-culture-and-adhd-with-kim-crawley/

Hacker Culture and ADHD with Kim Crawley

In this episode, host Ron Eddings is joined by cybersecurity researcher and writer, K...


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Starting at the Endpoint with Danny Jenkins

In this episode, host Ron Eddings is joined by Co-Founder and CEO of ThreatLocker, Da...


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Having Resilience In Your Cyber Career with Erika Eakins

In this episode, host Chris is joined by Erika Eakins — a cybersecurity sales ninja, ...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/build-vs-buy-the-classic-technologist-conundrum/

Build vs. Buy: The Classic Technologist Conundrum

It’s a classic technologist conundrum: Should I build or buy the solution I need to s...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/ai-is-the-tool-not-the-toolbox/

AI Is the Tool Not the Toolbox

Embrace the AI Revolution in Cybersecurity! Ron Eddings explores the dynamic world of...


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Security Teams Can’t Do It All with Rob Wood - REWIND

For this week's episode, we brought back a fan favorite Security Teams Can't Do It Al...