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Attack Surface Management: The Grit Needed for True Cyber Resilience with Nabil Hannan

Join hosts Ron and Chris as they dive into the world of Attack Surface Management (AS...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/a-tale-of-two-risks-third-party-and-saas-security/

A Tale of Two Risks: Third-Party and SaaS Security

In this episode, hosts Ron and Chris are joined by Paul Valente, CEO and co-founder o...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/paying-the-piper-in-cybersecurity-balancing-success-and-personal-life/

Paying the Piper in Cybersecurity: Balancing Success and Personal Life

In this episode, Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran discuss the concept of "paying the pip...


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CISO Burnout and Gaps in Cybersecurity Detections with Jack Roehrig

In this podcast episode, Jack Roehrig, Technology Evangelist at Uptycs, discusses his...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/the-critical-role-of-empathy-in-cybersecurity-with-tracy-maleeff/

The Critical Role of Empathy in Cybersecurity with Tracy Maleeff

In this episode, we explore the often-overlooked importance of empathy in the cyberse...


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RSA With Purpose: Sealing Deals, Getting Hired, and Networking with Industry Leaders

Head into RSA 2023 with a purpose. This episode is all about how to reach a win-win w...


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Mastering Focus with Simone Biles and Amy Bream at RSA

RSA is right around the corner and we’re so excited because it’s one of our big oppor...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/what-is-cyber-threat-intelligence-and-how-to-stand-out-as-threat-intelligence-analyst/

What Is Cyber Threat Intelligence and How To Stand Out As Threat Intelligence Analyst

Join our creative mastermind and stand out as a cybersecurity professional: https://w...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/emerging-cybersecurity-technologies-with-jake-reynolds/

Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies with Jake Reynolds

Special Thanks to our sponsor NetSPI NetSPI has a team of skilled pen-testers that ca...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/accelerate-your-cybersecurity-career/

Accelerate Your Cybersecurity Career

In this episode of the podcast, Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran share insights and tips...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/leading-cybersecurity-incidents-as-incident-commander-and-responding-to-a-cyber-crisis/

Leading Cybersecurity Incidents as Incident Commander and Responding to a Cyber Crisis

In this episode of the Hacker Valley Studio podcast, hosts Ron and Chris tackle argua...


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If It’s Smart, It’s Vulnerable and the Evolution of Cybersecurity with Mikko Hypponen

In this episode, Chris and Ron are joined by author, TED Talk presenter, and Chief Re...