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Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/unleashing-the-power-of-cybersecurity-purple-teams-with-maril-vernon/

Unleashing the Power of Cybersecurity Purple Teams with Maril Vernon

In this episode of the podcast, Maril Vernon joins Ron and Chris and discusses the im...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/security-teams-can-t-do-it-all-with-rob-wood-ciso-cms/

Security Teams Can’t Do It All with Rob Wood CISO @ CMS

In this episode of Hacker Valley Studio, Rob Wood, Chief Information Security Officer...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/advocating-for-better-healthcare-security-with-taylor-lehmann/

Advocating for Better Security in Healthcare with Taylor Lehmann

Taylor Lehmann, Director of Office of the CISO at Google Cloud, has made it his missi...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/stepping-up-to-solve-fundamental-cybersecurity-problems-with-maxime-lamothe-brassard/

Solving Fundamental Cybersecurity Problems with Maxime Lamothe-Brassard

Maxime “Max” Lamothe-Brassard, Founder of LimaCharlie, brings a tech-focused communit...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/building-leadership-strategy-beyond-tech-with-brian-haugli/

Building Leadership Strategy Beyond Tech with Brian Haugli

Brian Haugli, Founder and CEO of SideChannel, brings his CISO expertise to the securi...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/a-rebel-s-heart-a-leader-s-mind-with-allison-minutillo/

A Rebel’s Heart & A Leader’s Mind with Allison Minutillo

Allison Minutillo, President of Rebel Interactive Group and Host of the Rebel Leaders...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/intentional-investments-in-people-focused-leadership-with-cody-wass/

People-Focused Leadership in Cybersecurity with Cody Wass

Cody Wass, VP of Services at NetSPI, brings his near-decade of experience to the pod ...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/improv-ing-your-way-to-better-customer-meetings-with-brad-liggett/

Improv-ing Your Way to Better Vendor Meetings With Brad Liggett

Brad Liggett, CTI Intel Engineer Manager at Cybersixgill, puts on his improv hat and ...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/learning-prioritization-for-career-longevity-with-richard-rushing/

Prioritizing & Proactive Cybersecurity with Richard Rushing

Richard Rushing, CISO at Motorola Mobility, brings his decades of experience to the s...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/equitable-education-costs-in-online-cyber-courses-with-kenneth-ellington/

Keeping Cyber Course Prices Equitable with Kenneth Ellington

Kenneth Ellington, the Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at EY and Founder of the Ellin...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/educating-outside-of-the-cyber-industry-bubble-with-2020-hacker-of-the-year-lesley-carhart/

Sharing Cyber Outside of the Security Bubble with Lesley Carhart

Lesley Carhart, Director of Incident Response at Dragos, takes some time off mentorin...


Cover for https://HackerValleyStudio.podbean.com/e/challenges-opportunities-in-cyber-threat-intelligence-with-brian-kime/

Challenges & Opportunities in Cyber Threat Intelligence with Brian Kime

Brian Kime, VP of Intelligence Strategy and Advisory at ZeroFox, talks about all thin...